Clients are saying...

 'I now can truly have a different outcome with my boss coming from a place of 'everyone is right', yeilding AND of course, YES and...  Thank you so much Patty!!'
 - Marilyn P., Manager, Houston

'The power of YES..and changed my relationship with my son completely!  I started to be more in the moment with him, listen, respond from a 'that's interesting...tell me more' place and one day he tells me how much he appreciates my listening to him!  Improv 4 Life has given me a new lease on communication!'  -- Ann H., Business Owner, Houston, Tx

'Brilliant!  Improv 4 Life gave me the YES...and, as well as making my teammates look brilliant.  This has helped me in both the teleseminars and speaking engagements I have with Jan.  I love this!'  -- Alan H., author, speaker, Relationship Coach; Santa Fe, NM

'Improv 4 Life is just what we needed to enhance our Future Leaders program.  We are thrilled at the application of the Rules of Improv into our day to day communications here at our Corporate office.  Thank You for brining fun and functionality to us through Improv!  -- Alonzo D., HR Mgr, Houston, TX

'My team's experience Improv used in business has given us a new perspectice on working with each other and our customers.  While we are all independent agents, we do work as a team particularly when difficult situations with clients presents itself.  Thank you for giving us a fun and educational experience to grow with!'  - Lana A., Real Estate Broker, Canada

'YES...and' changed both my business and personal communications!  I have established this as part of our company's communication protocols -- works great with my coaching and seminar clients!  Improv is so fun!' -- Betty H., Coach, Author, Speaker, Canada

Patty Walters is a natural born teacher with a high aptitude for insight, creativity, and fun. Her workshop Improv 4 Life instantly brought out enthusiasm in all participants. She makes it clear as a bell that improv is not only huge fun, but the principles within it work right into one's life to bring more joy-- and more effectiveness-- everywhere. This becomes so apparent in the exercises that a new, natural, empowering way of relating just seeps into your whole being. My wife and I both attended, and our relationship has gone from great to greater! Patty's talent is a very special gift to us all, and not to be missed.    -Rev. Van Austin, SPIRIT ROCKS!, Santa Fe –
When Patty Walters takes the stage to facilitate Improv 4 Life!, you  know you are in the presence of genius and passion.  To participate with Patty in this modality, brings life change to our relationship skills.  I am blessed to have been a participant in her workshop.  –Harriette King, Evolutionist, author of the upcoming book, The Divine WE,
I really enjoyed the class.  It helped me to come out of my proverbial, safe shell that I love so well, and also to feel safe in a group setting with people I know and don't know. I want to start instigating the "Yes, And.." principle to my meetings -- ‘Accept and Build!’, may become a new mantra for me.  – Elaine Bell, LMT, Massage and Healing Therapies – Santa Fe, NM 
My experience with the ‘YES..and’ in the Improv 4 Life! Workshop gave me instant results for life’s everyday situations in a fun, positive way!  - Chad Gallagher, artist & contractor, Santa Fe, NM 
Patty Is a great coach!  My first experience with the Improv 4 Life! Work really allowed me to see my responsibility for the outcomes in my life.  Accepting and building with the ‘Yes..and’, being in the moment, and asking for what I want in a way that is enlivening, fun, respectful, and clear has been a real eye-opener for me.  The results are speaking for themselves – my confidence with people is soaring!  Thank you, Patty!  -Brent Triolo,  Santa Fe, NM  

Wow: what fun it is to redesign my business with Patty! With great heart and skill, she zeroed right in, and relentlessly pursued my high energy point of inspiration, till I could see it and own it for myself.   She offered a reflection of the things I couldn’t see—my own “special sauce” that I can bring to my new business to make it more alive, creative and authentically mine. 

With all the to-do lists and too much in-my-head analysis, I'd lost sight of the fact that unless the energy is there, even my best business plan, the optimal business model and ideal niche, even the perfect marketing plan will all go Splat!

Patty walks her talk and inspires me to express myself more and take more risks.  Plus she reminded that being myself in my business gives me--and everything I offer--a whole lot more juice.  When I'm connected with my place of aliveness and juicyness, not only do I have more energy and enthusiasm, but it will attract  the ideal clients, collaborators, opportunities and help getting the word out!  I know that as I move forward with this fresh perspective and plans for a juicier business, it will also be a lot more magnetic to the kinds of clients I want to serve and the collaborators I want to attract.   Patty, thanks for helping me get back to the wow factor—I want my boa, now!  -Ellen Shapiro,