SHIFT into High Performance thru Creativity, Communication, Coaching

TeamSHIFT™ is a unique and exciting set of team connection workshops which can be customized to meet all of your team goals:

         increase teamwork & team effectiveness
         improve team communication
         increase team innovation
         improve customer service & sales team effectiveness
         improve leadership skills
         improve team connection and team spirit

Through a series of Improv games, exercises and challenges related to the Rules of Improv, you and your team will harness the ability to be spontaneously creative without any limitation.
The capstone and key is working together on the spot, under time pressures with unknown resources (fun props) in order to accomplish your goal.

Enjoy activities in pairs, threes, fours and as an entire team. The Rules of Improv will help your team learn to function together on such a heightened level that you may, over time and practice, be able to think as one and even predict the actions of your group.

TeamSHIFT™ will open your mind to the limitless possibilities, breaking you out of your own patterns of thought, and honing the skills that will allow you to explore and develop any idea to its fullest.

Through TeamSHIFT™ your team will build new connections, learn new ways of thinking, and experience new skills & tools to become more effective as individuals and as a team.
A sample 2 hour TeamSHIFT™ Agenda:
-         Welcome and Introductions
-         What do you want to create from today
-         Introduce the 4 Rules of Improv
            o   Game/Exercise for each rule
            o   Debrief each rule
-         Overall Debrief
-         What’s Next

Each TeamProv event includes a pre-meeting and a follow up meeting with the team – what worked and what’s next.  
 Call 713 582 9551 to reserve your TeamSHIFT™ event today or email at yes to improv at gmail dot com

Client testimonials:

"TeamSHIFT™ was the event we needed to lighten up, to learn new skills, and come togehter as a team." - Slate Stern, The Peters Corporation

"My international marketing team loved TeamSHIFT™ !  It was a great asset to the fact that we have not been operating as a team and now have a profound experience of each other.  I can hardly wait to see what happens!"  - Betty Cesarano, Santa Fe University of Art and Design