Experience the Adventure with Yes..and!

One of the basic rules of Improv is Yes..And.  The premise for Improv to work on stage is to make everything your partners on stage say work in the scene, no matter how ridiculous you may think it is.  It's also known as accept and build.  It's also making your teammate look brilliant.

In life, the premise is not so much making everyone look brilliant nor to accept and build onto whatever someone has said.  It's more about 'you're wrong', 'that's not right', 'but you haven't heard me yet' kind of responses, as well as playing safe.  If these structures were used in an Improv scene on stage, the scene would die immediately.

My job is to help get the 'buts' and the 'no' out of people's lives to have a richer experience, and even surprising outcomes just because of saying 'Yes...and' !  

Patricia Ryan Madson, in her book Improv Wisdom says... "There are people who prefer to say Yes, and people who prefer to say No.  Those who say Yes are rewarded by the adventures they have and those who say NO are rewarded by the safety they attain."

Don't play it safe -  play it Bold!   Here's to living a "Yes" adventure!