Improv is THE Best Tool During Times of Change

I believe the best question is ‘what isn’t changing’?  Everything seems to be, or is it me? 

The world events, the earth changes, jobs / no jobs, business climate, ways of doing business, expansion of people’s awareness of themselves, and how we can truly create our lives.

It’s been my experience in building my business here in Santa Fe, that the Rules of Improv which I have been a fan of for over 10 years, have assisted me immensely to create the rockin’ great business and life I have today – and I’ve only been here a mere 7 months!

Being a ‘YES…and’ to people and places and ideas.  From where to live to where to shop to where to network, and what events to attend (and there are TONS of those here)!  ‘YES…and’ is a healer of lives in my book.  It has helped me coach people, coach myself and kept me open to options for everything.

Being In the Moment has kept me grounded with everything new and different in my life.  New city, new state, new friends, new way of living.  New, new, new.  Be careful what you ask for because you may just get it!  May you life in interesting times!  Sheesh!  I have always loved change, and at one point even had a job as a ‘change manangement consultant’ in a big Fortune 100 company.  I’m a Gemini for crying out loud.  And boy, did I get it.  And honestly….I do love it.  I’m thirving!  Moment to moment is how my life is being created now. 

Being a Character is always fun for me.  I have a character I love called ‘Flo’, and she’s the head waitress at the Tasty Freeze in Waco, Tx.  She’s brassy, funny, and always full of love for everyone.  I always love to go into the ‘Flo’ voice and character.  She has assisted me hugely in adjusting to my new life.  She’s even now appeared in teleclasses aired globally, which I am very proud of her for!

Making everyone look brilliant.  Ahhhh…the one everyone else loves!  The hard one for me and others.  What?  Make everyone else look brilliant?  Even when what they said was just stuuuuuuuuuuupppppid???  Yes.  Even then.  More than ever, even then.  Who am I to judge what is and is not brilliant?  Tough one for sure.  We’ve been trained to give each other ‘constructive criticsim’.  Arrrggghh.  There is no such thing – constructive or not, it’s about making someone else WRONG!!!!  This is a highly valued skill for relationship building.  We can do a whole week long role play intensive on this one!

There may be something to this.  I think there is.  By jove, I believe you’ve got it!  Rock your Business with Improv!  Gotta go….another workshop is brewing!!!