Play = healthier, more prosperous, more creative, and MORE SUCCESSFUL lives

Learn to Play! 

This is a quote from Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Laws of Prosperity.  If you want to be healthier, more prosperous, more creative, more successful, Learn to Play!

Ahhhh....everyone breathe!!!!

Play is so underrated.  It's lighter and more expansive, it has us in a happier mood, more productive, more connecting, and there is a lot of imperative evidence to this function of our humanity.

play-cover-1  In the book 'Play' by Stuart Brown, MD, Founder of the National Institute of Play, former clinical director and chief of psychiatry at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center and an associate professor at the University of California-San Diego, Brown calls play “the single most significant factor in determining our success and happiness,” and he means it. His book is a persuasive argument that play is not some childhood leftover, to be outgrown and discarded, but a lifelong necessity for keeping our brains supple and our relationships vital. 

Who could use more play in your life?

It brings to mind a time when I decided to liven things up with a boyfriend at the time.  We were outside doing 'yard work' - he mowing and I weeding in the flower bed...  I decided to get his attention.  I ran to the garage and there they were -- two beauties.  Water Blasters!!!  I quickly and stealthily went into the house and filled up both.  I thought, what the heck!  It will be more fun than if only one of us has the Blaster filled. 

I found myself back outside...I spotted my victim in the yard going about his mowing business... and then BLAM!  I let him have it.  Of course all heck broke out.  I had left his Blaster on the back deck and before he could get to it...well, let's say I had the upper hand.  Of course I took off running to the front of the house for cover and he right behind me with his Blaster on full force...  Needless to say a 'battle' broke out.  By the time the Blasters were out of water....we were both soaked and both laughing so hard we could hardly speak!  

That was so fun -- just some spontaneous play.  Easy, use what you have, and just go for it!      

Let me know what you do to put more play in your life!