Unlock Your Creativity and Unleash Your Greatness!

I really get that it is so time for all of us. To own our value, the diamond inside, and give ourselves permission to do it. And to come from your heart!  Do you feel it?

The good news is that we do know of our greatness because it's been there all along. It's generally what we are afraid of being - and to allow ourselves to BE it, DO it, and HAVE it can be daunting. And sometimes the scariest part -- to let others see it. I know this one so well. Playing small and staying in the 'safe' zone is not only stifling, it can get BORING! It's time to stop listening to the well-meaning opinion of others, they are just trying to keep us safe. It's their job. And frankly, what happens is that it only limits our ability to shine our heart light.

It's time for all of us to take FULL responsibility for that light and get it out there. To embrace all of our failings and all that we have not done ... up until now!

I've seen this happen when people take my Improv 4 Life! classes or coach with me. The gifts, creativity, who they REALLY are that has been hiding out, forced down, made wrong for a long time, comes out to play. The curiosity starts to happen about what could this be, what they have known for a long time, and how good it feels starts to take over. The light in their faces and eyes tells the truth.

And if the light is not nurtured, it can go back to sleep. Because the truth is....when we let that light lead the way, it will change your whole life. Then what? Life has been set up around our beliefs and habits. And if all of that changes....

What if you find the key to unlock the door to YOUR heart's desire? Who you came her to be? You wake up and get a glimpse of something that has been dormant for a long time, a part that gives you permission to what's possible? And start tofollow it?

Warning (from personal experience): Once you start on this path, you must continue it! If you try to go back to an old way of being and doing, it's PAINFUL and can create problems in your life.

Where the juice in life is is OUTSIDE the comfort zone. The comfort zone is so overrated. It's living mediocre, 'normal' so you can fit in, restrained and constrained, putting out a dim light.

Does it feel that you have settled, made excuses for, sacrificed your dreams or put your dreams on hold, and given yourself permission to play small?

That gig is over. The time is now to take it all in, to take a stand for your magnficence, and to allow yourself, and to give yourself permssion to SHINE! To wake up to who you really came here to be.

NOTE: Stop listening to other people's small opinion of you! Remember this - the more you get your greatness out in the world, others will try to keep you in the old version of yourself. That's just what people do -- particularly the ones who are close.
That's a mediocre voice speaking....challenging you to go BE who you came here to BE. It's not an easy path. And it's worth it. It's about staying the course, following your heart, and stop making excuses.

This journey is not for whimps! We need people to wake up, come alive, have their hearts open and lit up AND to share their gifts! 

Howard Thurman said“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Welcome to the time to come alive.

The time for waiting is over. The excuses are done, it's time to let our lights shine. To live fully who we came here to be, to be in alignment with our values, to allow that part to get out into the light, be expressed in a way that is totally aligned with what we want to experience, and is the real reason we are here.  And essential to making it happen is to surround ourselves with people who believe in us, see our greatness, and will give us a thumbs up for going for it!

Give yourself the gift of taking action on those dreams. One step starts the journey, the adventure, the bliss. I work with people who really want to discover the gem they have inside and get it out in the world.

To live our bliss there must be action. Get into a class, get a coach, learn Improv, be around people who believe in you more than you do and who are going for their dreams. Be the one to create YOUR life on YOUR terms.

You are the one YOU have been waiting for. What's the risk? What's to lose?

For a free 30 minute Get Your Greatness In Action session, email me at YesToImprov at Gmail dot com.

Here's to a life that you are excited about, one which leaves a legacy and breaks the old paradigm of the way life is 'supposed to be'. Mediocre or Magnificent? You choose.

Be Bold. Be Outrageous. Be Authentic.
Lights! Camera! Action! It's Showtime!

Be the Star of Your Own Show!
BE M.O.R.E. - BE You!