YOUR Gifts and Talents Needed Now!

What if you chose the path of being a doctor….and if felt you had a choice you would have been an actress??  Or you know that your gifts and talents are in creating and producing a show or better yet being a comedic inspirational speaker?  And you waited until you were in your sixties to go for it?  What  if your brilliance has been screaming at you for years and you have ignored it, trained it to go underground and now you are chronically ill?  Or you have been resisting it for so long that resistance is your default behavior??

Hear’s the Call – It’s now Time to Get Your Gifts and Talents  OUT IN THE WORLD! 

What if you are the gift the world has been waiting for?  What if your brilliance is so needed now?  Your voice is missing from those that are here to hear it?

Today, I'm the Permission Fairy!  I give YOU permission to go for it – to have your heart in charge – to put your life force and vitality at the command of your life!

It's essential that NOW is time!  What are you waiting for?  Life is meant to be fun, to have fun, and to do good work.  Come on...we're waiting!!!

Poof!  You Have Permission Now – Go for it!