The Power and Brilliance of 4 minutes!

The fourth Rule of Improv is to make everyone look brilliant.  Someone once asked me…does that mean every one, really?  YES … I didn’t say it was easy!
I’m always blown away when I do an exercise with a group to demonstrate this Rule.  And they have always stepped up to the challenge!
I have a few props in the room – hats, feather BOAs (really?), a spray bottle, a cheerleader pom-pom…whatever is handy.
They are divided into groups and given a project.  I grant them the power of being a new product development team.  Their task is to create a product, a commercial and a jingle…in 4 minutes using the Rules of Improv and any prop they need.  Ready…set…go!
Now what transpires in the next 4 minutes is just…..magical.   Their level of energy rises, their aliveness comes up, with lots of laughter, ideas happening, ‘rehearsing’ the jingle… and then.....TIME’s UP!!!
The next piece is to present to the entire group their creation they developed.  What can happen in 4 minutes…how much of all of theirselves they put into it, and how much fun they are having is inspiring. 
This past weekend was another of the Improv 4 Life! Playshops where the group had this experience.  We had a new product called ‘Smile On’ which was a spray that when put into the space of unhappy, frowning faces, turned all of that around and EVERYONE had a role!
Now to apply what happened....What would be possible if existing product and project team used this creative exercise in producing a result??  Is it realistic?  Don’t know… So much of the time, you have been told to be ‘realistic’.  Certainly 4 minutes is ‘not realistic’!  I would ask -- what has being realistic cost you / your work / your life? 
Are you ready to step into your brilliance?  Step into your 4 minutes of creativity and see what happens!