Acknowledge for Results!

YES- to acknowledge the #1 productivty skill! 

We are in a cultural experience of mostly making each other wrong. Even if delived as 'can I give you some suggestions?'  People are so ready to tell you what's wrong with you, your website, your products, your delivery. 

A few years ago I attended some training in Austin, Texas that changed my life.  Part of the information was about the power of acknowledgement to the receiver and to the giver.  AND there was a formula for the transformational power of acknowledgement.  Acknowledge 9 times before making a request.  What? 9 times?  Really?  Yes!

In this context, acknowledgement is what someone did or the results they achieved.  It's not things like... Thanks so much or great job.  It's specific and it's directed to the person.  You got those changes made to your website.  Great job!  or Wow - your picture with that purple BOA sure has a big smile on your face! 

It's about the facts.   Not the criticism, which we so want to deliver.  And why is that?  Years of training in the culture we happen to find ourselves in.

My recommendation to set yourself apart, create different connections with people, and to truly be more present and observant with people is to increase the number of times you acknowledge someone first.  See what happens with them!

Then make a request.